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Running your Line-of Business applications such as Sage 300 ERP, on the AWS Infrastructure platform brings the reliability and backup strategies demanded by leading companies around the world. In addition to the technical aspects, our decision to use Amazon Web Services as our cloud platform of choice was also influenced by existing users of AWS. Amazon Web Services can provide the performance and redundancy that many SME's cannot afford using on-premise solutions. Build your company on the same cloud platform as other leading brands.


Planetblu was established in 2003.  We are ERP support specialists.  We provide premium support, regardless of which Sage 300 Business Partner you buy from.  Use us to install Sage, train your staff and create custom written reports tailored to your business.  We can provide day-to-day certified support, training and more for your Sage users.

We also include Amazon Web Services infrastructure management in our portfolio.  Using AWS products like EC2, VPC, VPN, S3 and so on, we can build you an entire 'virtual server room' without huge start-up costs and with redundancy normally only available to much larger organisations. We can help demystify AWS Cloud for you and manage your entire cloud deployment.

Our team is small, dedicated to detail and outstanding customer focus.  Our clients agree.  Try us.


Our company is all about support because that is what we do!  Outstanding customer support comes from direct dialog with consultants who care about the details.

Our Remote Support Methodolgy is fast, efficient and enables us to deliver prompt and very affordable support to organisations from 1 to 250 employees.  With focus on our core compentencies, we give you expert advice and managed solutions.  Our clients agree.